carbon black from tyre pyrolysis

What’s the Use of Carbon Black from Waste Tires?

The storage of waste tires occupies a lot of land resources, which is easy to breed mosquito-borne diseases, seriously harmful to the environment, and may lead to fire. So the recycling of waste tire has attracted worldwide attention. Pyroysis oil from waste tires technology can not only make full use of waste tires, but also will not damage the environment.

carbon black from tyre pyrolysis
Carbon black from tyre pyrolysis

Generally, we can get about 45% fuel oil, 35% carbon black, 12% steel wire, and 8% combustible gas (depending on the types of raw materials). As we all know, the fuel oil has wide applications in many industries. While for the carbon black, it is also useful in quite a lot of areas:

Carbon black can be used as raw material or main ingredient in many industries. The carbon black produced by pyrolysis process is more economical compared with that produced primarily from petroleum. The carbon black from waste tyres can be used for construction bricks with clay; attached heavy metal to improve the quality of soil; used to make carbon black bars by using carbon black pellet machine; grinding to increase the mesh of carbon black to make new tire, pain tin, etc. Moreover, it can be sold or used as fuel materials directly.

tyre pyrolysis

In order to deep process the carbon black from tyre pyrolysis, we have the follow-up equipment called BMF carbon black processing plant for sale. The plant is used to make the carbon black characterized as N220, N330, N660, which is more exquisite and has higher reinforcing performance. After being processed by the carbon black processing machine, the carbon black will be upgraded and its value will be added, which makes it have wide applications, higher values, higher price in the market.

The plant can not only be used for processing carbon black, but also is suitable for producing minerals power, which is widely used in the fields of mining, metallurgy, chemical, construction industry. The final product size can be adjusted as required in the range of 80-2500 meshes. And the special coarse powder device (30-80 mesh) is also available.