Beston Waste Pyrolysis Equipment

Technical Advantages of Beston Waste Pyrolysis Equipment

Technical advantages

1. The industrial continuous production method with large capacities has replaced the periodic and intermittent production method with small capacities, which has improved production capacity as well as processing efficiency.

2. The proprietary low-temperature catalytic pyrolysis technology has low energy consumption, which improves the yield and quality of the finished oil products, as well as ensures the production line safe, continuous and stable for a long time. It can also greatly extends the service life of the pyrolysis equipment.

3. The proprietary non-coking and heat dispersion technologies can make the raw materials heated evenly and fully cracked. The resulting products have high quality.

4. Proprietary heat-sealing technology ensures the operation safe and reliable.

Beston Waste Pyrolysis Equipment
Beston Waste Pyrolysis Equipment

5. The dedicated gas purification and waste heat recycling technologies: the purified combustible gas can be used as fuel for heating system and the waste heat can be fully utilized to achieve self-sufficient. It doesn’t need any external heat source, which greatly reduces the operating cost. As the same time, the flue gas discharging meets international standards.

6. The whole set of the pyrolysis plant production line adopts PLC intelligent control. It can monitor, acquire and display the relevant process parameters of the individual device in the operation process, and also has many other functions of perfect instruction, alarm, and automatic rectification to ensure the safe condition.

7. Less personnel need, low labor intensity, good labor environment.

Production certifications