Starting a Wood Pellet Production Line

Pellet production from biomass has become a hot industry, thanks to their considerably low price in comparison to fossil fuels and the global awareness of using more eco-friendly fuel. This has led to a huge demand for pellet fuel and it’s quite lucrative.

There are numerous wood pellet production lines all over the planet, but the product output still can’t meet the huge demand. As such, those with access to the raw materials and distribution channels have been getting into this field. However, not all of them are specialists in this space and require guidance. A good example is wood pellet making machine.

Wood Pellet Production Line
Wood Pellet Production Line

The Process of Wood Pellets Production

Wood is one of the most common pellet production raw materials. It includes chips, logs, shavings, and sawdust. If softwood is your raw material, you can turn it into pellets without adding additives. However, if you are working with hardwood, you will need a certain amount of binder or softwood as it’s relatively hard to pelletize:

Here’s a breakdown of the wood pellet production process:

  • Crushing the Raw Material- Logs, timber, wood chips, etc., need to be crushed before pelletization. That’s because they are huge pieces that cannot be pelletized directly. More often than not, this process calls for a hammer mill and wood chipper.
  • Sieving the Crushed Material- More often than not the crushed materials contain impurities such as metal scraps and stones. These can damage the machinery and so, it’s important to sieve them.
  • Drying- Next, the sawdust needs to be dried as it contains too much water. If you are dealing with a capacity below one ton per hour, an air dryer is adequate. However, for bigger capacities, you will need a drum dryer.
  • Cooling & Sieving- The pellets are usually at a high temperature after milling and therefore need to be cooled. A counter flow cooler comes in handy and it can also sieve the broke pellets, thus giving a better final product.

The above is the entire wood pellets production process and other materials undergo the same. Now, what are the important things to keep in mind when starting a wood pellets production line?

Pellet Making Machine
Pellet Making Machine

1. Your Funds

A budget is one of the primary determinants of the scale of your pellet production line. You may want to start a large scale mill but lack adequate funds. In such a situation, consider lowering your capacity, or get rid of the unimportant equipment. Many are tempted to replace necessary equipment with cheap and low-quality ones, but you’ll only end up regretting it if you take this route. Get help from Beston (Henan) Machinery Co. ltd..

2. The Workshop

Your available funds ideally determine the size of your workshop. The more money you have, the bigger the workshop you can construct. If you don’t have a workshop yet, it is best to erect it near the source of the raw materials so that you can save on costs.

This is not a comprehensive look at things to consider when starting a wood pellet production line. However, it shows you what to expect and the route to take. It’s always best to consult professionals before starting your venture. Please get the wood pellet machine price now.