Pyrolysis Equipment

The Products and Industries that Suitable for Pyrolysis Equipment

The first choice of choosing pyrolysis plant manufacturer is Beston Machinery. Our equipment has many advantages, such as reasonable price, high oil yield, environmental friendly, non-pollution, low cost etc. It is one of the most advanced equipment for recycling waste materials at present. The equipment adopts science airtight production process, which can maximize the use of waste materials and doesn’t generate secondary pollution. It is also quipped with excellent configuration and can acquire larger thermal efficiency with using less combustion value.

Pyrolysis Equipment
Pyrolysis Equipment with Various Advantages

Advantages of Beston Pyrolysis Equipment:

1. Mature production design, instillation as well as manipulating and controlling technology.

2. Horizontal rotating reaction device that can guarantee waste materials heated evenly and save fuels.

3. Rapid materials feeding and easy operation.

4. High-efficiency tube condensing system.

5. New-type reaction temperature keeping design that can lengthen service life of the equipment.

Waste Pyrolysis

The Products and Industries Suitable for Pyrolysis Equipment:

1. Industrial mixed waste plastics (various plastic materials allowable), advice: PE>70%, PVC<10%.

2. Waste oil. Such as: waste diesel oil, waste oil sludge, etc.

3. Waste tires and rubber.

4. Waste cable sheath (dechlorination treatment first and then pyrolysis).

5. Waste base oil.

6. Waste PMMA regeneration.