Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Nine Technical Advantages of the Newest Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in 2016

1. The innovative type heating structure has combined the advantages of direct heating and hot air heating, which can not only improve the production efficiency, but also lengthen the service life of the pyrolysis reactor.

2. The technology of preventing burning through the reactor can lengthen the service life of the reactor for another 2-3 years by improving the reactor. It can save much maintenance cost and updating cost as well as reduce the equipment depreciation rate.

3. The technology of improving oil yield rate by 5%, compared with the same pyrolysis machines.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

4. The anti-burn technology can 100% prevent the fire phenomenon in the production process of discharging, opening the door and pulling the steel wire, which can further guarantee the safety of operators.

5. Outlet anti-blocking technology. In the production process, once the outlet blocks, there will be great security ricks. The pyrolysis technology can completely avoid the occurrence of such incidents.

6. Technology of reducing fuel consumption. Through the unique thermal insulation design, it will save 40% of fuel consumption, which can significantly reduce the production cost.

7. Sealed discharging technology. The waste tyre pyrolysis machine can achieve sealed discharging in the high temperature of 350℃, which can greatly imprve the production environment.

8. Using chemical materials to prepare the catalyst can not only break through the shortcomings of low oil yield and poor oil quality, but also overcome the weakness of plugging and coking of traditional waste tyre pyrolysis plants. Our plant can ensure non-coking and non-plug continuous pyrolysis production for 3 months to achive a real sense of continuous production.

9. According to the features of large steel wire content in waste tires, the plant has broken through the requirement of separating rubber from steel wire thoroughly before the tire pyrolysis process, and it only needs to shred the waste tire into 30-50mm block materials containing steel wire by tire shredding machine. The technology can save a lot of labor and electricity, so that can achieve the greatest market return by using least investment.