Pyrolysis Plant

What are the Methods Used for Normal Inspection on the Pyrolysis Plant?

According to the different operating time interval and contents, the inspection of the pyrolysis plant is usually divided into daily check and regular check. So what does the daily inspection of the pyrolysis machine contain? What are the methods of daily inspection?

1. The confirming of daily inspection table:

According to the set daily checklist to check each system of the pyrolysis equipment and then confirm it in turn.

Pyrolysis Plant
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2. The results of inspection:

The results will be recorded into the daily inspection table based on the specified marks, and we also need to convey the information clearly and report to superior when transferring. Besides, if there are some abnormal matters generating and needing to deal with, we should write down the treating process and results into working log; while, as for the program that is in the state of observation and unfinished, we must continuously make a mark and couldn’t cancel it by oneself without any explanation.

The inspection results of each batch needs production team leaders to confirm seriously and sign his name.

3. Three inspections with different requirement

Depending on the different posts and requirements, in general, every operating batch needs three kinds of inspection:

* Checking in static state: stopping the waste pyrolysis machine to check, and it requires to complete step by step and one by one.

* Checking in dynamic state: check when the tyre pyrolysis plant is working, and it also requires to complete step by step and one by one.

* Checking the important parts: checking in random, it requires that the important parts should be checked carefully.

Generally, a batch needs to have several times to check. Thus, when we make a operation check, we must have a good preparation. It is very important to make a checking route of daily check. The one reason is that it can avoid repeated inspection to increase the inspection efficiency; the other reason is that it can prevent the program from leaking inspection to ensure the check quality.

waste pyrolysis machine
Waste pyrolysis machine in instillation

4. Five senses inspection methods

The methods are used to assess the efficiency of checking.


The inspection of the pyrolysis recycling plant is aimed at guaranteeing the plant in safe operation and avoiding danger. We have added special safety ideas in our latest pyrolysis plant design:

1. Specific operating tech to deal with all the bug during the production.

2. Hydroseal and Vacuum system will prevent exhaust gas from going back to condensers and reactor. Thus, unnecessary accident can be avoided.

3. Equipped with thermometer, pressure gauge, safety valve and electric control system.

4. Combustible gas can be purified in hydroseal before being burnt, which prevents the dangers that exhaust gas (C1-C4 ) may causes.

5. Waste gas burner can prevent over-pressure of the reactor.