Beston Pyrolysis Plants in Jordan

Measures about How to Maintain the Pyrolysis Plants

In general, how long a product can be used is not only decided by its quality but also is related to the methods about how to maintain it. Just like a new car, its normal using life is 5 years, but if you can have a regular maintenance, you will extend its service to another 5 years, which can save much money to do other things. So does the pyrolysis plant. Next I will give a particular introduction about how to maintain our pyrolysis equipment and how to use the equipment to create more values.

Each pyrolysis plant has a necessary protection manual and protection regulations of machinery equipment. We must fulfill each protection task to extend the performance life basing on the regulative period, declining the wear rate of parts and eliminating the risk of troubles. The tasks we need to do are as follows:

Beston Pyrolysis Plants in Jordan
Beston Pyrolysis Plants in Jordan

Routine protection

Routine protection regards the clean, smooth, view and tighten as center. At each time, whenever before starting the machines, during the operation or after stopping the machine, we must make a routine protection according to principle. This operation can be completed independently by operators.

Timing protection

According to the different demands of various waste pyrolysis plants, when the plant has completed the regulation working hours or the regulation distance, it is necessary to make a corresponding timing protection. The contents are as follows:

* Primary protection: the primary protection operates based on the routine protection, and the major contents include smoothing, tightening and checking the related parts, and even cleans the three filters works (cleaning air, engine oil, fuel oil). The primary protection is guided by the mechanical team leader, and finished by the operator.

* Secondary protection: this part is mainly to view and adjust. The specific tasks are viewing the engine, clutch, transmission, steering and breaking, operating equipment, hydraulic system, and to make a necessary adjustment to eliminate all problems. In this way, we can ensure the outstanding working function of each part. Secondary protection is finished by the warranty personnel with the help of operators.

Three levels of protection: the main points are checking, adjusting and eliminating the risks. Besides, it also needs to balance the wear degree of each part. And beyond that we also need to view the part that will effect the operating function, and then complete the necessary exchange, adjustment, finally eliminates the problems. Three levels of protection finished by the professional warranty personnel with advanced testing instrument.