Pyrolysis Reactor

Maintenance Procedures of Pyrolysis Reactor

1. Transmission system of rotating processor:

Check the lubricating oil surface inside the reducer regularly, and add lube in time. Check the containing impurities of the oil and timely replace the oil. Check the meshing condition of the gear, and adjust in time if there is any bad condition.

2. Reactor carrying idler

Check oil level of the idler box, and add oil in timely. Jacked the pyrolysis reactor up if it needs to replace idler or bearing. The jack should be flat and operated carefully. Watch out the distance between the reactor and casing.

Note: the reducer must be divorced from the reactor when replacing idlers.

Pyrolysis Reactor
Pyrolysis Reactor

3. Oil gas outlet connect fittings

The oil gas outlet connect fittings should be checked regularly. Use wrench to tight the seal of the outlet if there is a little gas leaking. Open the seal of gas outlet if the graphite packing needs to change when it is not in the pyrolysis process.

4. Inside cavity of rotating processor

Check the coking condition in the conglutinating frequently. Special tools are need to be equipped if the thickness of the conglutinating is above 5mm.

5. Special requirements

Producers must measure the thickness of the steel plate every month after using the rotating processor half a year, and make records to notice the suppliers because the processor of the waste pyrolysis plant is working in the condition of high temperature and a little corrosive. It is strictly prohibited to production and operation it the steel plate of reactor is less than 6 mm, or the user should be responsible for any problem that occurs in the production.

If you have any problem about the pyrolysis equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Or you can return home to know more about the machine.