Recycle Waste Tires

Five Methods to Recycle Waste Tires

The so-called waste tires, refers to replaced or eliminated tires that have lost use value, and factory-generated scrap tire. The used tires have strong heat resistance, thermal biological, anti-mechanical, and are difficult to degrade, which will not naturally disappear for decades. Long-term open-air piling up, the waste tires will not only take up a lot of land, but also are easy to breed mosquito-borne diseases and lead to fire. So the scrap tires are called “black pollution”. How to recycle waste tires for good use and turn waste into treasure is a serious problem.

Methods of waste tires comprehensive utilization

Pyrolysis of Waste Tires
Pyrolysis of Waste Tires

1. Waste tire prototype is directly used.

Waste tires are used as port fenders and ships fenders, wave protection berm, floating lighthouse, road traffic wall screens, road signs and marine aquaculture reefs, recreational vehicles and so on.

2. Pyrolysis of waste tires

Waste tires can be converted into fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas under high temperature. By using the pyrolysis technology, we can recover 55kg fuel oil and 35kg carbon black from 1 ton waste tires. The waste pyrolysis plant manufactured by Beston Group (China) is proved to be energy-saving, cost-effective, pollution-free, environmental friendly, and profitable.

3. Renovation of old tires

Tire renovation is an important part of rubber industry and resources recycling area. Renovations of waste tires can not only extend the service life of waste tires, save energy and raw materials, but also can reduce transportation cost and environmental pollution.

Recycle Waste Tires
Recycle Waste Tires

4. Production of reclaimed rubber

The waste tires can be processed and made into new rubber products.

5. Production of vulcanized rubber powder

This is a new material science, which is a collection of environmental protection and recycling of resources. The tires can be processed into rubber powder by rubber recycling machine. It is a very promising recycling method and best use form of waste tires that we advocate.