Beston Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment Design

Features and Technical Characteristics of Beston Latest Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment Design

Features of the newest continuous pyrolysis plant:

1. Comprehensive processing of waste rubber and tires, which can produce two products: carbon black and tire oil.

2. Each set of the pyrolysis equipment consists of ten parts: raw material pre-treatment devide (such as tire shredder, dryer, etc.); rapid feeder device; rotary and stable pyrolysis reactor available; automatic, safe and environmental protection slagging system; oil steam cyclone dust removal device; rapid condense system; exhaust gas purification recovery and combustion system; heat source supply system; environmental protection dust removal system; central electric control system.

Beston Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment Design
Beston Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment Design

Main technical characteristics:

1. The pyrolysis unit adopts fully enclosed, continuous feeding and discharging system, and the production efficiency is three times of the traditional batch pyrolysis plant.

2. The new equipment adopts new heating method, which adopts indirect heating method. The advantages:

* When the system occurs problems, turning off the fan can instantly cut off the heating source to ensure the security of the system.

* The heating exchange distance is 5-7 times of the old-fashioned equipment, and the thermal efficiency is higher.

* It greatly lengthens the service life of the main equipment, which is 2-3 times of the old-fashioned equipment.

3. Equipment structure: beautiful, economical and practical.

4. Catalytic pyrolysis process and chemical extraction technology. According to different customers’ need, it is equipped with different types of professional catalyst. It reduces the sulfur content and density of the oil product, at the same time, it has a good improvement in the taste and color of oil, and also has the functions of de-miscellaneous and pour-down, which can successfully solve the problem of much impurities, terrible taste and difficult to store. Taking tire pyrolysis oil as an example, the color of the oil changes from original black into red transparent after using professional catalyst. The final oil product can not change color for a long time and has good antioxidant effect.

5. It is equipped with a quite complete environmental protection equipment, such as exhaust gas burner and flue dust chamber.

6. Reasonable pyrolysis plant design; advanced manufacturing technology; high degree of automation; perfect security facilities.