* What materials does the pyrolysis plant can deal with?

1. Waste plastic/rubber/tires;

2. Medical waste;

3. Oil sludge.

* What are the end products from waste pyrolysis?

The final products from pyrolysis and proportion are different from raw materials.

1. Waste plastic/rubber/medical waste: fuel oil and carbon black;

2. Waste tires: fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire;

3. Oil sludge: fuel oil, water, solids.

* What types of the plant do we have?

For our latest waste pyrolysis plant for sale, we have manufactured three operating systems and 4 models available for your choice:

Batching plant: BLJ-6 (capacity of 6t/d), BLJ-10 (10t/d);

Semi-continuous plant: BLJ-16 (15-20t/d);

Fully continuous pyrolysis plant: BLL-30 (20-24 t/d)

* Does the waste tire need to be shredded before the pyrolysis process?

For the batching plant, the tires don’t need to be shredded before entering pyrolysis process; while for the semi-continuous and fully continuous plants, the tires need to be shredded by tire shredding machine before fed into the reactor.

* What can we do to deal with the final products?

We have a series of matching equipment for sale to finish the complete waste recycling line.

1. MSW sorting machine to sort different waste materials and separate them out;

2. Waste pyrolysis equipment for pyrolysis of waste tires/plastic/rubber/oil sludge/medical waste into fuel oil and carbon black;

3. Oil distillation plant to further process the fuel oil from waste pyrolysis into diesel or gasoline;

4. Carbon black processing plant to deep process the carbon black from pyrolysis into N220, N330, N660 fine carbon black;

5. Biomass carbonization plant to make charcoal from sewage sludge or biomass waste materials, such as rice hull, palm shell, coconut shell, wood chip, sawdust and so on.

* Does our plant produce any pollutant?

No. All of our plants have been certified by CE, ISO, SGS and so on. We can promise the entire pyrolysis process safe, pollution-free, energy-saving and environmental friendly. The plant will NOT generate any pollutant from beginning to the end.

* Have our pyrolysis plants exported to foreign countries?

Yes. As an excellent pyrolysis plant manufacturer, we have exported our products to many countries, such as Jordan, Brazil, Nigeria, Dominica, Indonesia, Turkey, Korea… Please visit cases to learn more.

* What information should you leave in the inquiry?

1. What material do you want to deal with?

2. How many tons of materials do you want to dispose of per day? 6-24 tons are available.

3. Where are you from? Your email address and phone number, or other contact info.

4. Write your special requirement down in the message.