Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Advantages of the New-generation Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Having updated the pyrolysis plant again and again, we have developed the new-generation continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant. Compared with the traditional pyrolysis plants, the new-type plant has the following advantages and characteristics:

a. Small volume

The equipment is small in size, and it has smaller occupied area, large capacity.

Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant
Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

b. Long service life

The equipment has special anticorrosive structure, which guarantees the service life can be as long as 8-10 years.

c. Higher security

The pyrolysis equipment is one kind of fully continuous, normal pressure and environmental friendly equipment. Is equipped with automatic tempering prevention device, which can greatly improve the safety performance of the equipment. The specific features of the tempering prevention device are: gas quantitative indicators treatment, gas filtration as well as tempering prevention.

d. Low raw material requirements

The raw materials don’t need to clean or classify.

e. Continuous feeding, discharging and oil generating

The continuous plant can achieve continuous feeding, discharging and oil generating in high temperature condition, and it also doesn’t return oil smoke. The feeder has special gas seal device, which is suitable for large-scale industrial continuous operation.

f. Energy saving

The gas having been disposed by the gas treatment device can supply heat for the equipment itself. The auto continuous pyrolysis plant needs other sources in the first 45 minutes, after which the equipment can make use of the heat generated by the device itself, which greatly save the outside energy.

g. High-quality oil products

The plant can generate oil products once. The fractionating tower has special structure, which doesn’t need to add catalyst in the reaction process and can generate oil with different grades. The oil becomes clear immediately and never becomes again.

h. Environmental friendly

It is absolutely environmental friendly in the production process. It doesn’t have any smoke, taste, secondary pollution or three waste: waste water, waste gas, waste solids discharged. The equipment has normal machine operation sound in the normal operation and doesn’t have any other noise.