Raw Materials Suitable for Waste Pyrolysis Equipment and Their Oil Yields

1. General plastics suitable for plastic pyrolysis plant: (Note: PET polyester is not available) – PVC: PVC (such as plastic films, cable, floor, pipe sheet, pipe, shoes, toys, doors and windows, wire jackets, stationery, etc.) is not easy for pyrolysis; – Polyethylene: the pure oil yield of PE (such as film, bottles, electrical insulation materials, … Read more

Automatic PLC Control System of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Plant

Automatic PLC Control System of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Plant

The system combines the characteristics of pyrolysis oil equipment and adopts PLC as a field-level control equipment for data acquisition and control. The computer of the system uses industrial dynamic software to complete the industrial process and control parameters of the display to achieve production monitoring and management functions. The system consists of TPC, touch … Read more

Five Methods to Recycle Waste Tires

Recycle Waste Tires

The so-called waste tires, refers to replaced or eliminated tires that have lost use value, and factory-generated scrap tire. The used tires have strong heat resistance, thermal biological, anti-mechanical, and are difficult to degrade, which will not naturally disappear for decades. Long-term open-air piling up, the waste tires will not only take up a lot … Read more

Beston Group – Solid Waste Pyrolysis Equipment Manufacturer Plans to Enter Downstream Pyrolysis Business

Solid Waste Pyrolysis Equipment

Environmental protection special pyrolysis equipment manufacturer Beston Group is mainly engaged in research, development, production and sales of environmental protection special equipment. The main product is oil and carbon black extraction machine, whose purpose is to process solid waste such as waste rubber, waste plastics, waste tires ,waste lubricating oil, oil sludge and medical waste … Read more

Recycling 70KG Waste Tires into 28L Fuel Oil – New Tyre Recycling Method

waste tire pyrolysis equipment

  The waste tire pyrolysis equipment manufactured by Beston Group adopts the technology of “micro-negative pressure pyrolysis”, which can treat waste tires into four products: fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and combustible gas. The pyrolysis oil from waste tires can be further refined into gasoline, diesel and asphalt by tire oil distillation plant. If … Read more