Carbon Black From Tyre Pyrolysis

Carbon Black From Tyre Pyrolysis

Our BMF series carbon black processing plant is a kind of micro powder producing equipment with highest technical level. It’s the combination of foreign company’s advanced technology and our own research. By our plants, the use of carbon black from tyre pyrolysis will become wider and its values will be added. For example, the carbon … Read moreCarbon Black From Tyre Pyrolysis

BMF Series Carbon Black Processing Plant

BMF Series Carbon Black Processing Plant

The BMF series carbon black processing plant is used for deep processing tire/plastic/rubber pyrolysis carbon black, carbon from biomass garbage, construction material grinding and so on. It makes the carbon black characterized as N220, N330,N660, which is more exquisite and has high reinforcing performance. The air vortex grinder of QJC series is a kind of … Read moreBMF Series Carbon Black Processing Plant

Continuous Operating Distillation Plant

Auto Continuously Operating Distillation Plant

To meet more customers’demands, we have manufactured the BZL series auto continuously operating distillation plant for sale. The most important feature of this series is that they can work continuously for 24 hours per day without a stop. For BZL series, we have three models, BZL-25, BZL-50 and BZL-100. And their processing capacities are respectively 25T/D, 50T/D … Read moreContinuous Operating Distillation Plant

Batch Operating Distillation Plant


BZJ-06 & BZJ-10 batch operating distillation plant aims at refining various waste oil into diesel oil which can be directly used in more kinds of engines and generators. It is one of our star products in our company. The BZJ waste oil distillation plant refers to regenerate waste oil into qualified diesel oil by removing all … Read moreBatch Operating Distillation Plant

Auto Continuous Operating Pyrolysis Plant

Auto Continuously Operating Pyrolysis Plant

For the customers who want to make the waste pyrolysis plant operate automatically, save more manpower and handle more raw materials, the full continuous pyrolysis plant is the best choice. We have three types of BLL series auto continuously operating pyrolysis plant available for your choice, such as BLL-30, BLL-40, BLL-50. The BLL series of … Read moreAuto Continuous Operating Pyrolysis Plant