Beston Group Provides the Best Waste Pyrolysis Machines With Top Ranking Technology & Service

Best Waste Pyrolysis Machines

Energy is an necessary part in our life. With the development of social economy and the increasing of human’s demands, non-renewable resources has arisen serious shortage, which has also seriously threaten our development. In recent years, more and more energy dispute has appeared in many countries and even caused the armed conflicts. War and conflicts … Read more

Beston Pyrolysis Machine for Waste is a Strong Assistant to Relieve Resource Crisis

Beston Pyrolysis Machine for Waste

Waste pyrolysis machine has become more and more popular in our life, which can be used for processing living waste, industrial waste and medical waste. The most common raw materials are waste plastic and waste tires, which can be called “White pollution” and “Black pollution” respectively. Both of them are difficult to degrade even after … Read more

Good News! BLL-16 Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine Will be Exported to South Africa

South Africa Customers are Checking the Finished Charcoal

The other days ago, several clients from South Africa came to China to visit Beston Machinery company. They mainly visited the biomass carbonation machines and waste tyre pyrolysis machines. Our professional sales team had showed them around our factory, and gave them a detailed explanation about each of the machines. After visiting the factory, the … Read more

Welcome Canadian Customers to Beston Machinery!

Welcome Canadian Customers to Beston Machinery!

Welcome Canadian customers to Beston Group! Our sales manager and professional technicians led them to visit the waste pyrolysis plant and addressed the working principle and the pyrolysis plant design for them in details. All of them spoke highly of the pyrolysis machines, and showed aspiration of coopering with us. We are looking forward to … Read more